Save Your Time – Take A Switching Tour

Sioux Falls 2012 Signal Box

That´s one of the iconic micro layouts: John Allen´s Timesaver. Originally designed as a non-scenic training ground, the Timesaver transformed more and more into a scenic switching layout. My attempt was to build it as a small narrow gauge terminal somewhere in the Midwest of the USA. Once more I used 0n30 (1:48). The advantage of this narrow gauge scale is obvious: short trains but big scale. My Sioux Falls & Crater Lake Railroad tried some innovative techniques: a completely non-wood all-styrofoam baseboard as well as a mirror to fox the spectators. The styrofoam construct was very cheap, had a very low weight and was  – I have to admit – not very stable. The impact of the mirror trick was ambivalent: on the one hand the layout seemed to grow into the infinity, on the other hand the problem of perspective (as you can see). The trackwork was by Micro Engineering, locos and waggons came from Bachmann, all buildings were scratchbuild.
See you!


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