“Grub am Forst”…another inglenook…

210 cm x 45 cm ist a bit too large? Ok, let´s have a look on somewhat less. To be honest, that´s H0, 1:87. Not surprisingly, we now need only 165 x 35 cm (5,4 x 1,14 ft). The smaller scale is both a blessing and a curse. Older railroaders need stronger glasses to see details (ok…may also concern younger hobbyists), but – wow – we gaining space for a “sneak off track”, which enables the operator to spirit trains away. Despite to the track plan the spur was´nt covered by buildings…as you can see, certainly. The small Terminus “Grub am Forst” (I borrowed this name from a small town in Northern Bavaria) could handle the well- known 3:3:5 wagon inglenook configuration and short passenger trains. Not bad for only three points…should be suitable also for your bookshelf, I suppose…



3 thoughts on ““Grub am Forst”…another inglenook…

  1. Hallo Alex,

    So, this one solution to little space is to make a track that is not a loop? One that you don’t flip the switch to see the train go around and around by itself? I am asking because that was my basic idea of a layout, plus mountains and tunnels to make it interesting, and then it gets large enough that I will need to dedicate one whole room in my apartment to the train…
    I inherited a fair amount of track, it must date from the fifties or sixties, and I have wondered about how to make a small track, an interesting track that could run the train. This is HO. I got switches, straight track, curves, end of track and a few trains. I also have the lines for aerial lines for one locomotive. It feels I inherited a fortune that I don’t know how to spend…

    Maybe I should go by your idea, a rather straight set of track with a nice scenery, a scenery I still need to learn to make.

    What do you think?

    Thank you



    1. Hmm…good point, Bernardo! I would say, that depends. It depends on your preferences and it depends also on the availabale space, time and money… Is solving switching puzzles interesting to you or do you like more sitting in the armchair and regarding trains sweeping around? If you tends to prefer the second scenario, you need a lot of space. Take the minimum radii in H0 of ca. 40 cm/ 14 inch (what I would´nt recommend because long coaches in a tight radii…brrr…that´s not the look, what the Italians are calling „bella figura“) a circle line will need a minimum of 200 x 100 cm. That´s only good for short trains and it´s however a very monstrous table… Ok, if you will have a little patience with me, I will show some compact layouts with a lot of switching possibilities and also continous train run…


      1. Sounds good! I think your idea solves the problem. Since I also need a bookshelf, I am starting to think about a bookshelf that stores books on the top, and it’s lined by a long table on which the train will run a switching layout. Since the table will protrude some 45 cm, the space below will be for storage. I think I can design something that is both flexible and looks good, and I will get started. If this goes too well I will need a big table filling the room! I will be happy to see your ideas about layouts with switches and I will be looking to understand the game, which to me it’s a different way of thinking from the circuit to the linear track and the way it’s used to have fun with the switches. I haven’t measured, but I may have about 3 meters, or maybe even a bit more… I need to check to make sure…

        Thank you!


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